Pups on the Run! is for sale!

Several of you probably remember the gazillion doodles of puppies I was posting on my art page.
Well now there’s a picture book for sale!
I finished illustrating Pups on the Run! in December, and the publisher sent me a physical copy this spring. It is so fun to hold in my hands!!

98999654_891057941321572_2266378096624009216_n (1)
The book is about two puppies who get lost in the woods. It’s for ages 3-8, and is 32 pages.
I had announced that the book would be available in October of 2020, but have since found out that it’s for sale NOW at a pre-publication special price of $15.99 on the publisher’s website! Free shipping too (Link: https://www.doodleandpeck.com/product-page/pups-on-the-run-hard-cover).
It’s to be released officially in October, so I assume this price will last through September.

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