The Animation Process

The process of animation is unfamiliar to a lot of people. Here’s some basics of my freelance animation process just to inform you, and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

1. We talk!

I want to hear about your project idea and you want to hear more about me and my process. Please contact me to get a free consultation! Emails are the easiest way to get in touch with me, and from there we can schedule a phone call, video chat, or in-person meeting to talk further. Feel free to get in touch with me through this website’s contact page. Let’s talk!

2. I give you a price quote OR you give me a budget

Someone once asked me if I charge to give a quote. No way! Once I’ve talked to you (step 1) and gotten a good idea of what your project entails, I usually give you a price quote by the next business day. If you have a budget you want to stick by, that’s fine too! I’m happy to help you build a project that’s affordable for you, and will talk to you about options for making that happen.

3. Contract

Once we agree on a price, I’ll send you a contract that’s full of details about your project, (for example, “Marissa will create a 2.25 second-long video of a 3 centimeter tall stick-figure boy wearing a ball cap backwards and bouncing a green ball in his left hand with a smug look on his face, and deliver it to you via email as an H.264 file”). The contract makes sure you know that I know exactly what you want, and you know exactly what I’ll give you. The contract will also have the agreed upon price, and deadlines for when I’ll get your art finished. If you agree that that sounds just like the project you have in mind, we’ll both sign. My contracts are editable; if you later want to change something, even in the midst of a project, we can make that happen!

4. I make your art! I use a variety of computer animation programs, depending on the look you want your project to have. I usually start with simple images to illustrate the basic actions of your video project, so that you can see where the character will stand and what he will do, and how fast or slow the actions will happen. You will check this first draft and let me know if you like it or if you want some changes. I often send you character designs early on, also.

5. Once I have your feedback, we move on to a second draft! This is usually colored, has details, characters fully fleshed out and moving, and a final background.

6. Then we might move on to a third draft! Depending on how many edits we agreed that you would get, in the contract. Often two drafts is enough to get things the way you want them, but the contract is editable if you decide you would like an additional draft or would like to change the project in any way.

So there you have it, a basic explanation of my work process. Each project is different, and when I talk with a client we can go over various options. I keep in touch with my clients throughout the animation process, and do my best to make things clear and give you the artwork you envision. I look forward to working with you!