Space Weapons


Another design project from previous years. This was a space blaster (ray gun model). The name of the weapon, and description and fancy background for the final image, were designed by my professor, but the rest of the work is copyrighted Marissa Pruett 2015.

As you can see, we started with explorations in wild silhouettes; any blobs, curlicues, and wires were welcome to get ideas on paper. Then the designs were narrowed to favorites and slight variations on a favorite. After that, we burst out of the silhouettes and finally got some colors and light on the subject.

Fifth step was to design what kind of ray would come out of the gun, and what its effect would be on its pitiable target. Lastly, the final weapon was painted in a 3/4 view with shading and lighting.

widesilhouettesSnarrow silhouettesSsilhouettesSalmost finalsS




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