VBS Poster improvements

Thanks to some great ideas from Steve, Jacob, Brayden, and my friend Karli, I think the text on this VBS poster is much much much clearer. Lesson #1: don’t give up looking for a clearer font so quickly. I think the different font style was a big help, as was Lesson #2: a black drop shadow. I thought dark gray would work just as well, but black really does a great job. The idea to have a lighter yellow also helps things stand out. Lesson #3: I did end up boxing the words in a teeny bit by removing some of the color variation on the ground behind the Who What When paragraph. Painting a sign or a banner into the image in order to box in text is a great idea that I will keep in mind for future posters.

There was also the suggestion of putting an outline stroke on the text; I would have liked to try that, but couldn’t find a method to do it in Photoshop. I could have imported words from Illustrator, but the black drop shadow really improved things so much I didn’t think it was necessary.


jungle art4


jungle art2

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