Voting Contest; Prizes!

Hello all. People keep telling me that I need a logo for my freelance business, and the people are right. But I feel very out of my element when it comes to design. So I wondered if any of you would care to vote for one of these logos, for a small prize; and EVERYBODY WINS!! To win, you just have to vote. Or you can leave a suggestion for a logo instead of voting; or you can vote and leave a suggestion, I’m all ears…There are 19 logos below to choose from.

The only rule is that I’d like to have a logo with my name in it, since that’s also the name of my business.

The prize I’ll send you is a digital doodle of your favorite animal. So when you vote, make sure to tell me what animal you want.

Thanks! I really appreciate your ideas and hope you have fun with this.

12 thru 78 thru 1213 1415 thru 19


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