This week, my artistic challenge to myself is to study the artwork of Ludwig Bemelmans. Who is that, you ask? The amazing illustrator/author of the Madeline books! And how do I study his art? By imitating it of course. That’s the most fun way.

So I’m trying to do a Bemelmans-style painting every day this week. I’m posting Monday through Wednesday here, and I’ll update you with the other three (hopefully) on Saturday. All images below are original and copyrighted Marissa Pruett 2018.



This one was ok, but I felt like I ran out of time to do more with the colors. Bemelmans had some fascinating colors and textures in his paintings, so on Tuesday I decided to continue adding to my Monday painting (see below)madeline practice1


On Tuesday I did a couple versions of Monday. Still not sure which is most Bemelmans-ish, but I like what I’m learning about background textures.madeline practice2bmadeline practice2C


A ship.madeline practice3

See you on Saturday!

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