Welcome to Tennessee, copyright Marissa Pruett 2017.

So You want to Pass Biology, copyright Marissa Pruett 2017.

An Experiment in AE, copyright Marissa Pruett 2017. This was a test done over a weekend, to get used to character animation in AE. It’s not a finished piece.

The Great Physician, copyright Nikkel Media Works 2017. Posted here with permission. I did character design, storyboards, layout, and animation on this film for Nikkel Media Works in 2016. 

Parachute, copyright Marissa Pruett 2016, and copyrights also held by fellow collaborators. Music This was my senior film at university. It is a fictional story of a dad who goes to work on 9/11. It is currently running in film festivals and was awarded Best Animated Short at 2017 Clean Shorts Film Festival and 1st place in the 2017 student Animation category of the BEA Festival of Media Arts.

2016 Demoreel, copyright Marissa Pruett 2016, and copyrights also held by fellow collaborators. Music and sound effects are also copyrighted. Music is EVO_237_9_Walking_On_Clouds_David_Minucci_890102, from Sound effects “Dinosaur Roar” ( and “Wooden Thump” ( by Mike Koenig are licensed under CC 3.0

Valentine Robot, copyright Marissa Pruett 2014

The Dragon from the Deep, copyright Marissa Pruett 2015. Copyright Rebecca Beanblossom 2015. Animation done in ToonBoom Animate Pro and Maya (credit for the Maya portion goes to Rebecca Beanblossom). Post production done in After Effects.

Turning Head with an Expression, copyright Marissa Pruett 2014

Trumpeter, copyright Marissa Pruett 2014. Sound effect “Water Splash” recorded by Mike Koenig,( CC license Attribution 3.0

Figure Drawing Portfolio, copyright Marissa Pruett 2015


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