VBS Poster

Any tips on making the text more legible? I messed around with it but still disappointed with how hard it is to read. Maybe I should have just done a plainer poster lol. Image copyrights Marissa Pruett 2018.jungle art2jungle art2 no text


  1. Using a complementary colour against the background colour, so something like a red-orange against the green leaves?

    Other than that darken that shadow effect and a lighter drop shadow on the opposite side?

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  2. What Steve said. I’d also suggest a sunny yellow with a thick outline stroke, either black or a dark green.

    For the details, you could try the same, or perhaps think about ‘boxing’ them in some fashion – maybe stylistically putting some greenery behind – so that they stand out a little more?

    Really cool drawing, though, so much fun!

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  3. The drop shadow already helps, but you could try playing with other colours like white or even the coral from the clothes. Using a simpler, cleaner font may help. The other thing you could do is incorporate the text into the graphic on a rustic wooden sign or something rather than just putting it over top of the picture.

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